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Emergency and exit lighting is a critical component of a building’s life safety protection system. During an emergency, a properly maintained and operating lighting system helps illuminate the paths to nearby exits, including corridors, stairwells, ramps, and escalators so that occupants can exit the building safely. To achieve this, the lighting must be well-positioned to guide people out of harm’s way. Exit lighting aids occupants by indicating the way to a safe exit.

ABCO Fire & Safety Inc, works with you to design and maintain emergency and exit lighting systems that will safely guide occupants to an exit when needed. Our priority as always is life safety; when you work with ABCO , you can Relax — we’ve got you covered.

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Types of Emergency & Exit Lighting


There are different types of emergency lights that vary by activation style and power source. Which style best suits your situation will depend on how the facility’s exit paths have been designed.

  • Maintained emergency lights operate under normal power conditions and can double as everyday general lighting.
  • Non-maintained lights are activated only when the a/c power goes out. These type of lights have batteries that serve as the backup power source.
  • Sustained emergency lights use one set of normal lights and one set of battery-operated lights that only activate in an emergency.

Emergency and exit lighting also has two different styles of battery systems:

  • Self-contained battery systems have an individual battery for every lamp fixture. This allows for easy installation and expansion, but also mean that every lamp fixture must be tested on a regular basis, at least every 12 months.
  • Centralize battery systems use a central battery to power every light. These systems are more expensive to install and require space to house the charging equipment for the battery, but are easy to maintain.

ABCO has been installing and inspecting emergency lighting throughout South Florida for more than three decades. You can count on the ABCO specialists to perform the required code-compliant annual inspection, testing, maintenance, and repair of your emergency lighting systems.

Emergency & Exit Lighting Installation in Tampa Florida

If you need emergency lighting installation or replacement,ABCO can design and install a professional-grade system that will keep you and your occupants safe for years to come. ABCO is your single-source provider for a full range of life safety and security services that are necessary to keep you and your business safe. Whether you need assistance with managing a property, a new construction project, or Building , ABCO product and service options allow you the flexibility to choose what is right for your company’s needs.  Relax — we’ve got you covered.

ABCO Fire & Safety Management’s team boasts a combined 50 years of experience in the fire protection business. We take every step necessary to ensure your work environment is safe, secure, and code-compliant so you can concentrate on what matters most to you: growing your business.

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