Hillsborough Fire-Extinguisher 6Year Maintenance

A dry chemical extinguisher that is 6 years old or has not been opened up in 6 or more years is due for Hillsborough fire-extinguisher 6year maintenance. A dry chemical extinguisher that has been fired off requires a fire extinguisher recharge. While performed for different reasons, the service is the same. 6 year maintenance consists of disassembling, emptying and subjecting the extinguisher and its parts to an internal and external visual exam. This ensures the extinguisher is in proper working order, ready to be refilled, reassembled and pressurized for use.

Generally, if you need Hillsborough fire-extinguisher 6year maintenance, our technician will swap your extinguisher for another, in the same condition or better, that has already gone through its maintenance. This is the fastest most efficient way to make sure your property’s extinguishers are always in place and up to code. If you prefer to keep your extinguisher, we can leave you a loaner while yours is taken back to our shop to be serviced.

Hillsborough fire-extinguisher 6-year maintenance

Hillsborough fire-extinguisher 6-year maintenance

At ABCO Fire & Safety, our hillsborough fire-extinguisher 6year maintenance service comes with an annual certification. Annual inspection and certification of fire extinguishers is required by fire safety codes and some insurance policies. We make it easy for you to keep your extinguisher up to date and compliant with safety codes by offering yearly call service. At your request, our office will contact you to schedule service when your annual certifications are due for renewal.

Stop by our Pinellas Park walk in office, contact us online, by email, or call us at 727.692.3970 or 813.900.3814 for Fire Extinguisher 6 Year Maintenance.