ABCO Fire & Safety keeps your fire extinguishers inspected and ready when you need them. We perform the routine fire extinguisher inspection in Port Richey, testing and maintenance. All of our portable extinguisher technicians are trained, tested and licensed to inspect, certify, service and recharge fire extinguishers.

Our fire extinguisher inspection in Port Richey includes checking for the following issues:

  • Faulty pressure gauges or pressure gauges that do not read properly.
  • Damaged safety seals
  • Poorly displayed or missing operation instructions
  • Improper placement or support
  • Leaking or clogged nozzles
  • Worn or damaged hoses
  • Corrosion or physical damage anywhere on the unit
  • Fullness of container unit

After the extinguisher has been looked over and the technician verifies it is in proper working order and compliant with all fire safety codes, a fire extinguisher certification is attached to the extinguisher.


Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Port Richey

Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Port Richey.

Here are a few primary reasons why regular fire extinguisher inspection is paramount:

  • Fire extinguisher inspections enable trained technicians to inspect your equipment for problems that may not have fully surfaced yet. Proactive troubleshooting ensures your equipment is always in proper working order and ready for use at a moment’s notice.
  • Inspections are often required by local safety codes and insurance companies. Our technicians can make sure your extinguisher passes all fire safety inspections with flying colors.
  • Our on site, mobile fire extinguisher inspection service provides us with an opportunity to evaluate your safety needs and make recommendations that can keep you safer. We can spot potential safety issues such as blocked extinguishers or hard-to-reach equipment, so you can make important changes that can decrease your risk of fire related damage and loss.


ABCO Fire & Safety is a family owned and operated. This gives us the ability to keep our prices at a competitive rate. We are a modern company with old fashioned values. Our continuing education keeps us aware of new fire safety methods and techniques. Customer satisfaction and safety is our #1 priority and we realize that there is no substitute for repeat and referral business. If you have

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