CO2 Refill

Running low on CO2? ABCO Fire & Safety has you covered! We sell new and used tanks, or we can fill the ones you already have! Weather you own a restaurant, are a home brewer, or make your own soda, we will be sure to keep your CO2 tanks filled. Come into our...

Holiday Fire Safety

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Holidays are almost here, and while it’s a time for fun and celebration, ABCO Fire & Safetywants to make sure everyone stays safe! Christmas trees and candles, lights and decorations, cooking and parties,...

Using a Fire Extinguisher

Let’s hope you never have to use a fire extinguisher. Fires are very dangerous and can grow out of control quickly. However, if a fire has started in the building you occupy, using a fire extinguisher may be necessary and the more you know about the proper use the...

Top Causes Of Fires In The Home

Fires in the home are some of the most devastating and yet are one of the most easily avoided types that we can all learn about. Knowing where and in what situations fires are likely to happen in the home can help keep you and your neighborhood safe. Common Causes of...

Pinellas County CO2 Kegerator Refill

There are many uses for CO2 other than just fire extinguishers in today’s world, and ABCO Fire & Safety, Inc. offers convenient, same day service for these different needs. Whether you own a restaurant and use CO2 for soft drinks, or you are a home brewer, ABCO...

The Type of Fire Extinguisher Every Home Should Have

Extinguish Your Worries Over Picking the Right Fire Extinguisher A fire is a fire, and a fire extinguisher is a fire extinguisher, right? Well, not quite. There are actually different types of fires and different types of extinguishers that respond best to each. So,...

How to Select the Right Portable Fire Extinguisher

When thinking about how to select the right fire extinguisher in Tampa Bay, ask, “What type of fire is burning?” It is extremely important to have the proper fire extinguisher for the type of fire that is burning. Many people assume that a fire extinguisher will put...

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