Different types of fires require different types of extinguishers. For example, a grease fire and an electrical fire require the use of different extinguishing agents to be effective and safely put the fire out. Basically, there are five different types of extinguishing agents. Most fire extinguishers display symbols to show the kind of fire on which they are to be used.

ABCO Fire & Safety Inc. is pleased to offer the following services:

  • Annual Automatic Service Plan – ABCO Fire & Safety Inc. will automatically schedule your annual fire extinguisher inspection well in advance of the expiration date
  • Fire extinguisher surveys at no additional charge
  • Mobile recharge capability
  • Guaranteed Next Day Service for empty fire extinguishers
  • Our shop staff can repair large capacity industrial wheeled fire extinguishers

Providing Fire Extinguisher Service in Tampa, Pinellas, Clearwater, Pasco, Lakeland, Bradenton, Sarasota.